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The Bronx & Harlem 

Tour by Private Vehicle


Many travelers and even locals in New York have no idea how wonderful the Bronx is with so much history to explore! Yankee Stadium to the lost streets of what I like to call "The Other New York City." It's one of my favorite tours because of all the stories to be found on these streets--its architecture, sports venues, and restaurants. A custom tour can be designed, but I've listed some

Possible places to see:

Strivers Row

The Apollo

125th Street

Photo Op Yankee Stadium

 A 79 year old active Irish Pub

Arthur Ave

The Real Little Italy

Wave Hill Public Garden



I am a passionate tour guide, homegrown from The Bronx and now living in Manhattan's Upper West Side. I grew up having an interest in the the history of New York and its people. This insatiable curiosity fuels me daily.


Let me show you how to fall in love with New York as we go Above & Beyond!

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